Metalworking Products & Corrosion Control Fluids

  • Servicing the automotive industry and other metal working industries
  • Cost effective products for the industrial market
  • Export available
  • Distributorships available

Paramount Products Inc. provides numerous products to industries all over the country. Our company is dedicated to making sure our client’s costs stay low, they always have enough products to perform their business and that they receive the best services from us. Our product lists include metalworking and corrosion control fluids.

CNC MillingOur company has been serving the automotive industry and other metal industrial companies for many years. We always strive to stock the necessary products our clients need and at a very reasonable cost. Packages are shipped on time and we have many representatives available to assist our clients with whatever they need.

On our website we list all of the products we carry and list what their main function is. This way, when you are ready to place an order you get only what’s needed. Need help locating a certain product? No problem! We are ready to match you with the right product for your needs. All you have to do is give us a call.

CNC MillingFor more information, contact:
TOLL FREE (800)700-6648