Metalworking Products & Corrosion Control Fluids

Servicing the Automotive Industry as well as other metal working companies.

Paramount Products has been blending and manufacturing Metal Working Fluids for over 35 years.

Supplying Cutting and Grinding Fluids to the metal working industry, as well as in process and short-term Rust Protective Products. In tandem with these products we offer a line of in process Metal Cleaners to be used in industrial washers. We also have Metal Forming Products for the metal stamping and forming industry. For Steel Mills, Foundries and Refractories we have several important products for you. We also have a Water Based Lapping fluid that can replace many higher cost products. General Purpose Cleaners are also offered for the many different cleaning jobs found around all industries.

We have always produced high quality products and have excellent customer acceptance. Our site is easy to navigate and you hopefully will find the products to fit your needs. Please call or email us and we can answer your question and help you select a product.

Premium Performance: Is our standard.

Competitive pricing: Always!

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