A concentrated detergent-acid cleaner specially designed to clean and deoxidize aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. AL-BRIGHTENER is formulated to penetrate oily-greasy soils quickly and remove unsightly stains caused by oxidation and humidity on all aluminum metal surfaces and parts. AL-BRIGHTENER contains NO hydrofluoric acid and will not etch glass or deteriorate rubber. AL-BRIGHTENER can be applied by spray or brushed on, and rinses off easily.


This highly alkaline cleaner quickly penetrates grease, oil, and soluble accumulations. It is scientifically formulated to work most efficiently in steam cleaners and pressure washing equipment. Use for cleaning automotive parts, industrial equipment, mining drys, wood and concrete floors. This cleaner is specially formulated to prevent coil clogging and has no fumes at use dilution. Excellent for manual degreasing, also U.S.D.A. approved for packing plants. Use in steam and high pressure washers.


An excellent, wide application, all purpose cleaner concentrate. It cuts heavy oils and greases on contact, reducing cleaning time. Heavy, built-up residues are quickly penetrated for easy removal. It cleans glass, ceramic and polished metal surfaces without streaking. This product penetrates all residues and lifts the soils for fast removal. Cleaned surfaces dry rapidly with no sticky residue to attract soils or films.


A concentrated blend of acids and detergents, designed to remove rust, oxidation, and corrosion from any rust stained surface. It cleans and brightens aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, copper, and chrome. This product is also designed to remove water minerals, lime carbonates, and soap scum from tile surfaces, floors, water meters, air conditioning coils, boilers, and pipes. K.V. 237 MILD ACID DETERGENT is totally biodegradable and is USDA approved.


A liquid type industrial floor and machinery cleaner. It is generally used for cleaning greasy, dirty machinery, structural steel, and floors when an automatic floor scrubber is used.


Takes over where all purpose cleaners leave off, designed for tough jobs, it instantly dissolves and emulsifies heavy grease, carbon deposits, rubber burns, soap scum, oxidized waxes, oil ink, and dirt accumulations. Just spray or mop on and rinse it off. It is completely nonflammable and non-corrosive. Its low sudsing action makes it perfect for everything from light floor cleaning to heavy duty machinery cleaning. Its superior grease and soil penetration and retention allows it to be used economically. The uses for this product are endless.


Designed for really tough jobs. It instantly dissolves and emulsifies heavy grease, carbon deposits, rubber burns, soap scum, oxidized waxes, oil, ink, and dirt accumulations. Economical, this product can be diluted with up to 100 parts water and be very effective. Perfect for hand or mopping operations, automatic scrubbers, and pressure washers. Versatile, this product’s superior grease and soil penetration and retention enable it to be used for everything from light cleaning to heavy duty degreasing. Also, it destroys odors not just masks them and continues to do so, a residual effect!