A synthetic cutting and grinding fluid that contains no nitrites or phenols. Its oil rejecting property makes removal of tramp oil from machine tools or central systems easy. PARACUT 4516 is well suited for cast iron machining or grinding due to the superior rust protection of the work piece and equipment. It provides cleanliness to the operation, remains clear and clean in use, and leaves a soft fluid residue

EM 19

EM 19 Emulsion Rust Preventive is an oil based water emulsifiable rust preventive formulated to provide rust prevention of iron, steel, aluminum, and zinc parts.


An industrial maintenance lubricant that contains extremely fine particles of molybdenum disulfide and graphite, suspended in a solvent base. It forms tenacious films on metal surfaces for effective lubrication up to 600° F. MOLY CHAIN significantly reduces friction and improves load carrying capacity and anti-wear properties. It prevents direct metal-to-metal contact and provides a reliable dry lubrication after the solvent base has evaporated.


An immersion cleaner that will disintegrate the sand or resin (isocynate) bond of sand casting. The primary function of PARCOR 90 is to rapidly penetrate and remove the built-up cured sand deposits in the vents and ports of core casting boxes that prevent the proper dispersion of the sand or resin into the re-casted mold. PARCOR 90 also has a detergent built in to help remove grease and oil deposits that might interfere with mold adhesion and curing.


A specially processed graphite dry film lubricant, air dries rapidly at room temperature and adheres tenaciously to most substrates with minimum surface preparation. The thinness of the coating, coupled with high lubricity, provides clean, longwearing lubrication without redesign of component dimensions. Coatings are easily applied during manufacture or assembly by standard spray, brush, or dip techniques.