A premium grade, general purpose soluble oil, was developed for wide range versatility where soluble oil is preferred. PARACUT 2400 can be used on ferrous and nonferrous metals because of its unique combination and balance of carefully selected additives, highest quality base oil, and emulsifiers. It can be used on critical aircraft parts machining where chlorine and sulfur cannot be used.


An economical soluble oil designed for light to moderate machining operations. It will perform well on cast iron, aluminum, and copper alloys, and can be used on light steel machining operations as well.


A premium quality, heavy duty soluble oil concentrate containing multiple extreme pressure, friction reducing lubricant additives. Used for turning, milling, drilling, tapping, and broaching. Non staining and safe on aluminum and copper. It is formulated to produce superior quality finishes on a wide range of metals, provide corrosion inhibition on finished parts, fixtures and machine tools, provide cleaning action to move chips and dirt away from the machining zone, inhibit bacteria and mold growth, eliminate foul odors and damaging residue formation.


A medium to heavy duty cutting and grinding fluid with extreme pressure additives for difficult to machine alloys. It can also be used on aluminum and copper based metals. PARACUT 2410 also offers extended sump life over regular soluble oils due to its unique formulation.


A high fat content soluble oil concentrate designed primarily for use on aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and brass. It has a very effective polar additive package to create a low-sheer organometalic film for reduced friction at the chip and tool interface. It also provides maximum lubrication for extremely fine finishes on soft, difficult to machine metals. PARACUT 2434 forms a stable oil-in-water emulsion and operates well in all types of filtration systems.